Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gen 15:6 (Amp)
And he [Abram] believed in (trusted in, relied on, remained steadfast to) the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness (right standing with God).

Gal 3:6 (Amp)
Thus Abraham believed in and adhered to and trusted in and relied on God, and it was reckoned and placed to his account and credited as righteousness (as conformity to the divine will in purpose, thought, and action)

Rom 4:3 (Amp)
For what does the Scripture say? Abraham believed in (trusted in) God, and it was credited to his account as righteousness (right living and right standing with God)

James 2:23
And [so] the Scripture was fulfilled that says, Abraham believed in (adhered to, trusted in, and relied on) God, and this was accounted to him as righteousness (as conformity to God's will in thought and deed), and he was called God's friend.


Religion says that righteousness is obtained by following a strict set of rules.
It seems to me that God is trying to tell us something different...(repeated four times).
Belief in God, Trust in God, Reliance on God, Adherence to God = Righteousness (conformity to God's divine will in purpose, thought, and action!)

God wants us (his will) to believe in Him, trust Him, rely on Him, and adhere to Him.