Wednesday, July 28, 2010

blown testimony

Many times we as Christians sin and term it as how we "blew our testimony."
If that is true, what is the testimony?
Is our testimony about our performance? If so, then yes we must perform perfectly in order to qualify to testify. On the contrary, if our testimony is about God’s grace and the completed work of Jesus, then we are free to testify of the GOOD NEWS regardless of our level of perfection (i.e. maturity) and performance.
The enemy uses the first idea to prevent us from sharing the Good News by getting us to focus on ourselves and how imperfect (uncompleted) we are.
Jesus didn't die on the cross, and conquer death, Hell, and the grave in order to change our behavior. He did it to save us while we were still sinners, and to have a relationship with us.
The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus paid it all, and God will begin, and complete, the work in us that needs to be accomplished.
We came just as we were. We continue to come just as we are. We testify that others can come just as they are.
How does our performance or lack of it blow that testimony?

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